A Great Day for US Law – A Great Day for the World

Screenshot of the Washington Post’s start page headline, taken on 31st May 2024, 11:50:48 (UTC+1, local time)

The former president of the United States of America, Trump, has been found guilty by the jury on all 34 counts of the indictment. At last. It has been known for many years that he is neither a nice person nor a responsible one. To say the least. The proof was presented before a court of law. And a still working legal system of a democracy — even if flawed now and again — did judge based on the evidence and found him guilty.

There were currents and counter-currents, and over the past months and especially years, considering other mistrials altogether, it was not impossible to fear that he might go free.

Of course, as is always the case in politics, he does not act alone or ‘walk alone’. That’s the particular perfidy of the whole situation of past and present: He has powerful people with huge amounts of money at their disposal  behind him who like the fact that he appears to be almost dumb  – at least simple. But that’s part of the facade. All the information about him shows that he may not be highly educated – but he is no simpleton either. Just completely warped not to say crooked in his outlook. “Healthy in mind and (comparatively?) healthy in body…”
Whenever you deal with people, more or less criminal, it’s wise to remember that as long as they are not insane they are fully responsible for their actions, their deeds and their speeches, any and every word they use.

Every human being of sound mind has the  capacity for good or evil. It’s a choice. He chose evil.

He knows quite well what he is doing and he is fine with the fact that he is also a front – for all those who think similarly and have the same interests ‘at heart’.

He has caused thousands if not millions of people pain and suffering before, during, and after his presidency. If you study his biography you will find out more.

My aim posting these things is to let my voice be heard. Because, due to my upbringing and convictions this is what I can do: speak up. Make sure that evil is known – and stopped with the legal means of a democracy that differentiates between judiciary, executive and legislative.

Let it be enough to say today: It’s a great relief.

Source, The Washington Post: Donald Trump found guilty on all counts in New York hush money trial