My Manifesto of Values

image of text scroll black and whiteIn order to make sure that the basis of my thinking and eventually writing is quite clear, not hidden somewhere in texts, I put this here:

  • The most important values for human life to me are the Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations.
  • I endorse implicitly or explicitly anything else that is based on neighbourly love in the Christian sense.
  • I am not a disciple of one certain religion, but am open to all thoughts coming my way, inside or outside of religious frameworks.
  • I think that life on this planet and human life should be in accordance to and as much as possible based on the idea that we have ‘no Planet B’.
  • The concepts of peace and love in all its shapes and forms would never allow me to kill anyone, for any reasons, not even in so-called ‘self-defense’. That means: I would defend myself based on the learnings from self-defense techniques such as Jiu-Jitsu which I learned early in life. But killing or torture or inflicting pain willingly in any way for any reason is out of the question.
  • Responsibility: it is my conviction that we are responsible as thinking human beings and healthy-in-mind entities to weigh anything suggested to us based on such values: the Human Rights Declaration, in my case also ‘neighbourly love’.
  • To have the courage of one’s convictions:  I also think that based on such values and convictions we should act accordingly to prevent others from being treated badly or unfairly in any way.