Harry and Sally – Love, Friendship and Life – Revisited

‘When Harry Met Sally’ was a big hit when it came out. Now, 30 years later, it is considered a classic.

A summary for all who do not know it yet: Harry and Sally meet on a trip from their university after graduation, to drive to New York together. Since such a long car drive of course offers ample opportunity to talk, they do. Rather unconventionally open and – about what most of us lets us wonder most of our lives: about love, sex and friendship, especially that between men and women.
They go separate ways after this trip – and meet over and over again over the course of around 15 years. Start becoming friends, resume their talks. And learn from each other. Some scenes have become so popular by now, they are being quoted in other movies or series, such as the final meeting, when Harry tells her ‘off’…

The story is full of a lightly presented wisdom and humour in a way that has made some scenes of the movie by this time universally famous (at least in the West).

Although I would love to mention more of them here, they are so funny and endearing at the same time, it would be a pity to spoil a first viewer’s fun!

Placing one of my favourites here: