I am a technical communicator – and this site contains the things I like most: thoughts and ideas, some background information on some of my hobbies, poems I like and sayings I endorse. Hope you find it of interest, entertaining or even helpful…

Whatever you do – have a nice day!


Women, Men and Relations(hips) – or: “Men for Dessert”

The traditional, age old approach, not to say unwritten law, is this: Woman is decorative, enticing, alluring and eventually going out of her way to please a man/men. Men look at women and judge them (sometimes harshly) by their looks. When somebody decides in this ‘game’, it’s the man, who takes the steps, makes the …

Power – ‘Where From’ and Why? – Ways Out of the Vicious Cycle

Politics make me extremely mad sometimes, and this is my way to express my thoughts: Men are at the bottom of power being considered a desirable asset, so it seems, more precisely: Patriarchy is. The idea of man being the “crown of creation”, the reigning principle, as it were. It’s rather painfully obvious that in …


This section is about selected movies. The ones I like or consider special. A movie actually was starting point for my little site: ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ also called ‘A Midwinter’s Tale’ by Kenneth Branagh. It had been unavailable from any kind of broadcast or digital sources. So I digitised my VHS copies and put a description online… find that here, too. By and by I will add a few of my most liked movies as a small reference.


I am a technical communicator – and I like to do things that are related to technical matters just as much as I like dancing, writing, cooking, knitting, crocheting, thinking, watching movies, reading, listening to music, doing nothing…

I hope this little site provides some information or food for thought, entertaining insights – or just plain fun.
If you like it, leave me a comment, if you don’t – constructive criticism is also welcome!