I am a technical communicator – and this site contains the things I like most: thoughts and ideas, some background information on some of my hobbies, poems I like and sayings I endorse. Hope you find it of interest, entertaining or even helpful…

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“Supreme Court”? “Justices”? – Support Democrats in 2024 Elections!

Monday already the ruling was out and amid an uproar of news flashes there’s some comfort…the Washington Post explains (screenshot taken from here at 05.07.2024, 05:59 h (CEST)): Personally I think it’s not overly surprising when you think of how the majority of the present Supreme Court Justices came into office: They were named and …

Peace — Power Games — Chances — Talks and Negotiations

There’s no doubt about it, war is always a means to an end…which is tragic and cruel, no doubt about that either. Yet, war has some striking differences to other kinds of conflict in human life! It practically never happens over night, without any warnings or talks in advance, usually power and money are involved. …


This section is about selected movies. The ones I like or consider special. A movie actually was starting point for my little site: ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ also called ‘A Midwinter’s Tale’ by Kenneth Branagh. It had been unavailable from any kind of broadcast or digital sources. So I digitised my VHS copies and put a description online… find that here, too. By and by I will add a few of my most liked movies as a small reference.


I am a technical communicator – and I like to do things that are related to technical matters just as much as I like dancing, writing, cooking, knitting, crocheting, thinking, watching movies, reading, listening to music, doing nothing…

I hope this little site provides some information or food for thought, entertaining insights – or just plain fun.
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