Hope Springs (2012) – Marriage Revisited – With Passion

Funny, moving, sad and happy, true to life as ever a movie would get – this is one of those special ones.

Starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones it might not have hit on a more unexpected combination:
She is known for portrayals of almost any water of woman, a character actress if ever there was one.
He is known for the wooden, almost stony rendering of action figures, policemen and fighters.
Surprisingly, they make the perfect fit for this story.

The secret of passion, ‘some time later’ – after disillusionment, frustration in different ways, on both sides, fear of rejection and finally resignation – is served us sometimes hot, sometimes cold – with vigour and lots of background knowledge, as well as human factors in this great example of a ‘meet cute’ of movies, all over again, in mature age.