McFarland, USA – Life’s Beauty

McFarland, USA: A small farming town, on the edge of anywhere you would say…but when looking closely you will find the beauty of what life is all about: Friendship, perseverance, love – and looking out for others.

To me this story is also about much more than ‘winning’: It’s about pride and dignity, self-esteem. It’s a tragic and yet so well-known phenomenon among mankind to look down on someone for being different. If there’s nothing else to look down on others for – this will be sufficient to feel superior – and ‘worth it’…
Those subjected to such treatment over time will feel insufficient, at least at times. To be able to prove otherwise, prove heart, ideas, strength in the face of meanness can be crucial.

That’s also what this movie is about, to me, knowing that a team, a community spirit, are essential: Because, only together we are strong.