It’s a Wonderful Life – The Counterpoise Lights

This movie is considered one of the best-loved movies ever to come out of Hollywood. Frank Capra has a gift to focus on the essentials in life and make them visible – with emotion and brains. The forces of all those that don’t care a penny for other people – or their lives, who do anything to win – and be rich – are there. They seem to always have been in the history of mankind – and will continue to do so. Only the counterpoise of the wary good makes this world a place with smiles and love every day.

The modern society – perhaps even generated in the US with the idea that everybody is responsible for their own luck and ultimate ‘success’ – has created an image of life that is difficult to overcome; some fairy tales of old times seem to state it just like that:

Heroes overcome obstacles, tackle the bad guys – and ultimately win the cup, the jewels  – and the princess. These days it may come in more toned down colours, in a manner of speaking.

Let’s make it a point: Be a counterpoise, each in their place, to the best of our ability. An African proverb is said to go like this:

If all the ‘little’ people in all the ‘little’ places do ‘little’ things every day – they can change the face of the Earth.