zereshk’s blog

Welcome to my blog!
I named it after the ‘zereshk’ berry, the Persian name for barberries, because I like them very much. I hope my blog will turn out to be just like barberries in a Persian dish:
sweet-sour, shiny red and an addition without which the dish is just half as good.
I like politics, but will deal with all other subjects that I come across, whatever they may be. Basically I love to talk or think about pretty much anything, be it philosophy – or the proper working of drains.

If you like it, let me know! If you don’t, your constructive criticism is also welcome!

This redesigned website contains a few German posts too, please select the language above or to the right. English posts are in focus these days.

Barberry fruit along river road
Barberry fruit along river road (Famartin, via Wikimedia Commons)